Jook is a daughter and father art collaboration working together under the Jook Art umbrella based in Didsbury, Manchester, UK.

Katherine is a professional photographer and digital artist. See her personal website here.

Katherine Elizabeth Photography

Steve is a traditional photographer and artist.

Jook Art is a collaboration between the two. Steve is taking the lead for the Jook Tarot, and this is his story:

I received my first tarot deck in 1985. It was the 1JJ Swiss Tarot, a Tarot de Marseille style deck but with Junon and Jupiter replacing the Papesse and Pope. I was fascinated with the cards. Who were these strange characters with unfamiliar names? What did it mean? And so started a lifelong interest and love for the tarot, it’s art and history.

I now have a small collection of some 40 tarot decks and 30 books on the tarot. I still have some classic tarot decks that I want to add to my collection, and also buy new decks with interesting themes that are being produced by some very talented artists.

I have wanted to produce my own tarot deck for a very long time. As a photographer, I wanted to use this medium to create my own tarot deck, thus combining my love of the tarot with my love of photography. But I never had an idea that added anything new or interesting to the cards already in existence, so the idea remained just an idea.

Then in 2014 I went to a wet plate collodion pop up event organised by Michele Selway as part of the Chorlton Arts Festival and had my photograph taken on a tin type by John Brewer. I loved the unique aesthetic and beauty of the plate John produced. I then knew that I wanted to learn the process and that I had found my way to produce a tarot deck with a unique style and look that would fit my vision of what I wanted from the cards.

I subsequently booked onto a weekend course run by John Brewer to learn the wet plate collodion process. Some further reading about the process and some practice and I was then able to start work on my own tarot.

I do own a digital camera, but never fully embraced the digital revolution, preferring to continue working with film. I have a small studio and darkroom setup for film and this proved to be ideal for the wet plate process. I just had to buy some extra equipment and the chemicals needed for the process.

I am a member of the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI) and meet monthly with a group of tarot readers who have been very supportive and provided very useful feedback on my designs.

I studied art history and symbolism in Renaissance art as part of a degree, and plan to utilise this knowledge in the creation of my deck.

Please check out my blog here that will be updated regularly to check progress on the creation of the deck, and follow me on Facebook by clicking the link in the header below or the sidebar. You can also subscribe to receiving emails by filling in the form below.