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The first review of VAMP

So one of the kickstarter backers, Stella, purchased the VAMP deck from Etsy and has published a very interesting and beautifully written blog post about Theda Bara and the deck. It really is well worth a read, and you can find it here.

The end of the kickstarter campaign

Unfortunately, the kickstarter campaign to get the VAMP tarot deck published fell just short of the target. Below is a copy of the final project update I made to the backers.

Hi everyone.

I am gutted that we just missed the target for this campaign.

I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your pledges and support throughout this campaign. I will always remember your generosity and positivity in trying to get VAMP made.

In the end we got to 93% funded and just £300 short of the target. I did invest over £1,000 of my own money into the project, and wish I could have afforded that extra £300 myself, but it was just not possible.

My initial reflection on failing to meet the target points to a couple of reasons:

  1. Sadly, I had a large number of cancelled pledges – 10 people amounting to £800. I do not know the reason for the cancellations as kickstarter do not pass these onto the creator.
  2. I failed to get the campaign in front of enough people. Some kickstarter tarot decks have over 500 pledgers. We did not even get that many viewing the campaign.
  3. I probably rushed this campaign: I should have built up a bigger following on facebook and Instagram before launching it. I also made it a 30 day campaign to make sure rewards were sent in time for Christmas – had it been a 60 day campaign I suspect we would have reached the target.
  4. I had a large number of follower on kickstarter who did not pledge. I expected these followers to convert to pledgers, but this did not materialise.

As they say, hindsight is 20:20.

I would love to hear from you with any thoughts on mistakes I may have made and how I could have done things better. Maybe I got the rewards wrong? Or the video? Or the wording or any number of things.

I am determined that this is not the end of VAMP. The fact that 67 of you lovely people pledged over £4,800 gives me the confidence that there must be a way to get the deck into print. Whether it is by kickstarter, another platform, self funded or whatever I do not know yet.

I will keep you all informed, and thank you again.

Love you all


VAMP – A Reading

This blog post also appears here.

Questioning the Vamp

I have been working on creating my own tarot deck for over a year now using an obsolete Victorian photographic method called ‘wet plate collodion’. This is a labour of love; it is a slow and expensive process so will probably not be completed until some time in 2021.

In the meantime, I started work on another tarot deck as a side project. This has now been completed and the result is a deck called ‘VAMP: the Theda Bara Tarot’ Theda Bara was a huge star of the silent film era. She was the first screen Vamp and is sadly not well known today as most of her films were destroyed in a huge fire at Fox Studios in 1937. The VAMP tarot deck comprises of images of Theda Bara merged with my calligraphy of tarot prose. This prose comes from PD Ouspensky’s ‘The Symbolism of the Tarot’ published in 1913 for the major arcana and the tarot poetry of 15th century Italian Count Matteo Boiardo for the minor arcana.

The deck is currently on kickstarter to hopefully raised funds to finance a small print run. At the time of writing, it is uncertain whether or not it will succeed – I would say 40:60 chance. In a couple of weeks I will write a blog about ‘how to successfully crowdfund a tarot deck’, or ‘lessons learned from a failed kickstarter’. Hopefully the former.

As I really can’t predict the outcome, I decided to do a reading to get some indication or advice from the cards themselves. I have a test deck of VAMP produced by my printer and wanted to use this to question itself about the outcome. Nothing unusual so far, and probably something most tarot deck creators would do.

The interesting thing for me is that the VAMP minors are based on the Boiardo proposal of 4 suits based on the ‘Four Passions’ of Fear, Jealousy, Hope and Love. And this was the first time I had ever attempted a reading using these suits. As far as I am aware, no complete copies of Boiardo’s tarot survive. So potentially I could be the first person in a couple of hundred years to do a reading based on his writings.

The VAMP deck uses majors based on the 22 traditional and familiar characters, it is only the minors that are different. So, I decided to do a reading using just the minors to ensure every card was something new to me. It is possible to read the Boiardo minors by equating them to the relevant traditional minor card. For example, treat and read the Ace of Love as if it was the Ace of Cups. However, I decided to read the cards in their original format.

I decided to do a simple 3 card reading of Past, Present and Future. I thought first about my expectations, and what cards I thought might come up to represent these phases. My own assessment of where I was up to was something like this:

  • Past – Hope that the work I was doing to create the deck would result in a successful outcome.
  • Present – Fear that I might not get to the funding target
  • Future – Love for all the pledgers who have spent their money to support the project.

These are the actual cards I dealt:



Three of Fear. In the Boiardo tarot system, fear is probably the worse suit. Possibly the worse card in the deck is the Ten of Fear which tells of a fear so crippling that it causes physical symptoms. The Boiardo tercet for the Three of Fear reads:

FEAR makes the lamb tremble in the fold
If it hears the wolf outside; and it stays so enclosed,
That the subtlest breeze can hardly reach it.

Three is a low level fear card and a low level of fear is not necessarily a big problem, and hopefully not be too hard to overcome. The card suggests someone in their comfort zone and not willing to expose themselves to new challenges or ideas.

I was expecting Hope for the past, but got the Three of Fear. Okay, this confused me at first, so I talked about it with my daughter. She laughed and said that for the entire project I have been voicing doubts about my ability and general lack of confidence in what I was doing. She reminded me that on occasion I had been uncertain and she thought at one stage I was going to quit the project. So, yes Fear. Fear of failure was a barrier to overcome. That the deck made its way onto kickstarter is evidence that I overcame that barrier. The fact that the selected card is a low number means that it was a low level of fear I was experiencing, but still one that had to be overcome to get to this stage.



I was expecting a Hope card and got the Four of Jealousy that reads:

JEALOUSY, when it comes, it is better not to think
That you can fight it, because it wins everyone:
But it is good to be able to tolerate it.

Deep down I knew what this meant. My kickstarter is a bit behind target and progressing only slowly. I found myself looking at other crowdfunding tarot decks and being a little jealous of some that were sailing away, reaching their target quickly and overfunded several times over. I don’t like admitting this, as I consider jealousy to be a destructive and unpleasant emotion. However, if the hat fits…. I take some solace from the poem on the Four of Jealousy that is telling me not to fight the jealousy. It says jealousy is natural, and as long as it is tolerated and not acted upon, all will be fine.



I was hoping for a Love card here, that would be an indication that the kickstarter had been a success and that I was sending love to everyone who had contributed to making it so.

Instead I was dealt the Ten of Hope. The Boiardo poem for this reads:

HOPE wakes up the poor man who works
Digging, making a mountain, or a lake, flat,
Because he hopes to receive a prize for his efforts.

On reflection, this makes more sense. I have overcome the fear of the past and learnt to accept the jealousy of the present. The Love card I was hoping for would have been a fortune telling wish for the future some weeks away. The Hope card I got now is telling me about the immediate future and what I need to do over the next two weeks. And this is to continue working hard and keeping the hope and faith that this will result in ‘receiving a prize for my efforts’. That prize being a successful campaign.

So, my first reading using the Boiardo suits, and one that I found interesting and useful. And hopefully I will be writing that ‘how to successfully crowdfund a tarot deck’ blog post in a few weeks time……

You can see the kickstarter campaign here:


VAMP: the Theda Bara tarot on kickstarter

VAMP: the Theda Bara tarot has been on kickstarter for a week now and has £1,500 pledged so far against a target of £5,100.

Happy to announce that kickstarter are featuring my tarot deck under their ‘Projects we Love‘. This is a staff pick that their own staff choose for ‘exceptional projects‘ that they describe as:

Every Kickstarter project starts with a creative idea. So when we look for standout projects to feature, we look for ideas that go the extra mile in their uniqueness and ambition — for example, projects that involve entirely new approaches to creating, amplify underrepresented voices, or bring creative communities together in unexpected ways.

You can see the crowdfunding campaign for VAMP here.

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